Corporate Governance

Indago's Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring that the Company has an appropriate corporate governance structure to ensure the creation, protection and enhancement of shareholder value. This requires that appropriate accountability and control systems are in place.

The Board endorses the Australian Securities Exchange Limited (ASX) Corporate Governance Council's Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations (ASX Principles).

At Indago, the role of the Board includes ensuring that the Company acts ethically and in the best interest of shareholders in everything it does. To the extent possible, these standards of behaviour are reflected in the Company’s corporate governance policies and codes.  These policies and codes are regularly reviewed and, where necessary, updated.

Indago Constitution

The Indago Constitution is the Company’s key governance document. The Company is committed to compliance with the Constitution.

Corporate Governance Statement

The Corporate Governance Statement deals with the extent of compliance of the Company with its Corporate Governance Principals each year and is included in the Company’s Annual Report to Shareholders.

Indago Board Charter

The Indago Board Charter deals with the composition and operation of the Board of Directors and its adherence to the Company’s governing policies and charters.

The Indago Board comprises two non-executive directors Mr George Lloyd (Chairman) and Mr Gregory Short, both of whom are independent, and two executive directors, Mr Justin Pettett (Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer) and Mr Ryan Messer (Chief Operating Officer). The composition of the Board is balanced, with Directors possessing a broad range of skills, experience, expertise, and qualifications relevant to Indago's business.

View the biographies of Indago's Board of Directors.

The Board has established the following committees:

  1. Remuneration & Nomination Committee [charter]
  2. Audit and Risk Committee [charter]

Indago Code of Conduct and Ethics

The Indago Code of Conduct and Ethics governs the commercial operations of Indago and, in particular, compliance with the law and the ethical standards to which Indago will conform when dealing employees, stakeholders and third parties.

Indago Continuous Disclosure Policy

The Indago Continuous Disclosure Policy is a formal policy deals with compliance with the continuous disclosure provisions of the Corporations Act and ASX Listing Rules.  The policy is designed to ensure that all investors have equal and timely access to material information concerning the Company.

Indago Shareholder Communications Policy

The Indago Shareholder Communications Policy is designed to promote effective communication with shareholders and encourage effective participation at Indago' General Meetings.

Indago Personnel Securities Trading Policy

The Corporations Act and the laws of other jurisdictions in which Indago operates contain provisions which prohibit a person in possession of material, non-public information relating to a company from dealing with the securities of that company. The Indago Personnel Securities Trading Policy sets guidelines designed to prevent Indago and Personnel from intentionally or unintentionally breaching these Laws.

Environmental Management, Health and Safety Policy

The Indago Environmental Management, Health and Safety Policy recognises the need for Indago to manage its activities in a manner that minimises the likelihood of any adverse impact on its surroundings and promotes the health and safety of its employees, contractors, the general public and all other stakeholders.

Indago Risk Management Policy

The Audit and Risk Committee is responsible for ensuring that effective risk management programs are in place to protect Indago's assets and shareholder value.

The Risk Management Policy, covers financial and operational risks and documents Indago's risk management framework.

Other Information

The following Corporate Governance related material is also available through the section:

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Environmental, Health and Safety Policy
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