ASX Announcements

Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting/Proxy Form
Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Report
Indago to Undertake Major Pilot in India
HCD Mulit-Flow in Gulf of Mexico Pilot
Half Yearly Report and Accounts
Initial Director's Interest Notice
Board Appointment
Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Report
Appendix 3B Rights Issue Shortfall
Response to ASX Price Query
Change in substantial holding
Indago Moves into Indian Oil Market with First Trial
Indago Makes Sales of Multi-Flow in Texas
Substantial Holder Notice and Change of Director's Interests
Appendix 3B - Rights Issue
Rights Issue Update and Shortfall Notification
Canada Trial to Commence
Entitlement Offer Booklet
Rights Issue Presentation
Letter to Shareholders

Feature: Turner Bayou Project

Proprietary 3D seismic survey targeting the Wilcox, Austin Chalk and Eagle Ford formations;
major phase oil, with some
natural gas production.


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